Saturday 10 Sep, 2022

Starting at 8:30

Impact Hub Brno

Cyrilská 7, Brno 60200

Make the most out of MeasureCamp

Every year we rack our brains over all the ways we could further improve the event. To highlight that we honor the principles of unconference we offer you this summary on how you can help us with this task.

The primary goal of this article was to find the spirit of MeasureCamp – not the one we as organizers wish for and imagine in our own heads, but the one that is based on real experiences of the attendees. Because this should enable you to better prepare to the event and it might help you to avoid unnecessary fears that might lock your potential to engage. For that purpose we asked a couple of them to share their own views and asked them for their consent to publish their quotes.

It is about the community

Our event is supposed to be about all of us – the community around digital analytics and related topics. Honoring the possibility to meet and chat with sound names or other familiar faces in person is one of the patterns we found in the answers:

“The best thing about the MeasureCamp is the community and all around it.” – Milan Merglevský

“I enjoy meeting other analysts that I do not have opportunity to meet during the year. “ – Michal Blažek

“I can meet various people, who deal with the same topics as I do.” – Lucie Šperková

It is about sharing and openness

Attendees also talk a lot about feeling safe to present own ideas between like-minded people. It is not just analytics professionals, attendees recruit from all levels of expertise and also from closely related industries. With the forgiving, participative and engaged audience, you can get relevant feedback on your solutions and ideas or advice to issues you have from skilled professionals or simply from someone who just solved a similar issue a while ago.

Sometimes you can also receive the needed last drop of encouragement to break the worries of public speaking.

“What you cannot solve in sessions, you can do during networking.” – Pavel Šabatka

“Informal and friendly atmosphere, quality and often pretty advanced content fueled with super networking.” – Michal Pařízek

“When one presents his topic, he gets pretty uncompromising feedback, because there are people at MeasureCamp who know the subject very well and enjoy discussing it (otherwise they would spend their Saturday elsewhere).” – Lucie Šperková

“The biggest benefit for me personally was, that I dared to give a presentation. That experience moved me forward and motivated me to speak publicly on regular basis since then.” – Milan Merglevský

It is about opportunities

There is a variety of outcomes that you can get out of MeasureCamp.

Probably the biggest one relates to the fact that our industry is in a huge growth for some time now. We can see that, our sponsors see that (this is frequently the reason they invest into our event). Therefore we can guarantee that open-minded individual that finds his passion in data-driven digital marketing, data science, AI or any other related fields, has a great choice of career opportunities to evaluate.

“I tried to present in front of the audience at MeasureCamp in Sydney. Those people immediately started to offer me jobs. That was unbelievable for just a couple of slides and an improvised talk about cloud and BI solutions for digital marketing.” – Lucie Šperková

“Last time I hired a junior analyst just after MatFyz and I would definitely not be angry for a second one next time, because the cooperation goes really well.” – Michal Buzek

It is also about great content, but this time it is not the carefully curated sales-oriented message about the products or about how the presenter’s company is the best out there like you know from the mainstream conferences. Mostly this is real-world case-studies, advice or tips, discussions or educative thinking of the real practitioners among us.

Are you looking forward?

We as organizers do the most we can to remove any obstacles that might block you from expressing your ideas – we will select and prepare the venue with proper technical equipment, we will arrange supply of food, drinks and coffee throughout the whole day and on top of that we always try to attract interesting attendees and motivate them to share their knowledge.

It is then up to you to make the MeasureCamp a great event may it be by giving a presentation, organizing a discussion or therapy session or just actively participate by asking questions, rating the presentations and helping us to share the message that if we unite we will be stronger.

If you have your own comments for previous MeasureCamps, let us know. We will be more than happy to hear your stories and to solve constructive complaints if anything didn’t work as expected. Let us know through comments here or via

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