Saturday 07 Sep, 2024

Starting at 8:30

MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different to any other web analytics conference held around the world.

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August 6th, 2024 at 13:00

MeasureCamp is a digital analytics “unconference”. It is free to attend – setting it apart as a new and fresh experience amidst the conference circuit. It is held on a Saturday, skewing attendees towards the most enthusiastic of practitioners, the most influential types of people within the industry, the people who really want to know about the best tools in the marketplace.

It is an unconference with the Session Board blank at the start of the day. All attendees are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to lead a session themselves. Sessions may be presentations or discussions, workshops or even game shows. They can be planned in advance or spur of the moment. MeasureCamp truly fosters collaboration through its small discussion group format.

It sounds a bit chaotic and it can be. But out of that chaos, something special happens. Again and again, we have found it leads to people freely sharing their ideas, solving problems and discovering themselves learning more. This expands out of sessions, to conversations throughout the day (and typically late into the night at the afterparty), and to networks built throughout the community, continuing to support each other.

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MeasureCamp Czechia 2023

A couple of days after the event took place, we are astonished by the number of positive reactions. I think that we might already say that this year’s edition went really well. Like always, organizing this event is sometimes a little unpredictable and we often quiver, how it will turn out in the end. Thanks […]

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Are you ready for MeasureCamp 2023?

Hello our friends. MeasureCamp Czechia 2023 is secured. We are very glad to inform you, that next ultimate MeasureCamp Czechia will take place at ČSOB offices in Prague (Výmolova 353, 150 00 Praha 5). So save the date Saturday September 9th, 2023. See you there.

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