Saturday 04 Sep, 2021

Starting at 8:30


Salvátorská 931/8, Praha 1 110 00


DataLOOK! is data integration and analytics platform with hundreds of automatically generated reports and transformations from various departments such as digital marketing, customer data, CRMs, product data, ERPs, accounting systems and many more. It creates valuable insights and helps our clients easily see data and make data driven decisions.

DataLOOK! is made with passion by Marketing BI consulting company which consists of senior consultants with many years of combined experience united under a single brand. We strive to help our clients reach revenues by implementing data culture in their businesses.

These are just some of the many clients who trust us to help them with their data collection and analysis: Olfin Car, Zeppelin, Amazing places, Zoot, Seznam, K2 moto, Danone.  We also hold in high regard our partnerships and expert programs with, to mention but a few, Keboola, Google, Seznam, Heuréka, Mergado, Facebook, Imper.