Saturday 07 Sep, 2024

Starting at 8:30

MeasureCamp Czechia 2023

A couple of days after the event took place, we are astonished by the number of positive reactions. I think that we might already say that this year’s edition went really well. Like always, organizing this event is sometimes a little unpredictable and we often quiver, how it will turn out in the end.

Thanks to sponsors we got on board through the summer (one last imaginary applause for 📍ČSOB, 🥇Etnetera Activate, 🥇Livesport, 🥇Google, 🥈Meiro, 🥈Marketing Makers, 🥈Bloomreach, 🥈Signals, 🥉Cross Masters, 🥉Databy), we knew that we don’t need to worry and all the deliveries on site will be perfect.

This year’s main plot

Once upon a time, there was a tweet.

And this tweet kick-started the idea of us being able to attract a lot more international attendees. Prague is a nice city and with circles of friends we made at international conferences like Superweek or other MeasureCamps, it seemed like we could do that.

We knew that we cannot afford to pay any travel or accomodation expenses, but hoped that our offer to provide a special care on top of the usual MeasureCamp experience could be seductive enough to bring in some interesting people.

What happened next was beyond our own expectations and you already know who were the ones that grabbed this opportunity.

The rest is history – the success of every MeasureCamp highly depends on the people that contribute to it. All of you, who did present, but also those who involved in discussions, or those who just helped others with anything, you all deserve appreciation.

We as the organizing team did our job to enable all this. Like analysts that aren’t the ones who directly interact with customers to generate value for the brand, but enable their stakeholders to make better decisions for the companies to thrive.

What’s next


So far we only received one presentation link. So, let’s maybe crowdsource this task. Anyone who wishes to share his slides, please do it here:


You may have seen the first batch of the photos in our LinkedIn Group already, the rest is here:


We are alway looking for how to further improve our event, so don’t hesitate and leave you feedback here:

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